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Swakomund and the surrounding areas offer a variety of interesting activities. Therefore it makes sense to spend a few days in Swakopmund. Whether on land, at sea or in the air, there is certainly something for everyone!

The following list is very long, but see the positive: All this activities are available in our nice and unique Town “Swakopmund”

If you click on “More Info” you will get detailed information on each activity, including operator, prices, start times, durations and a few pictures (slide show). For most of the activities you will even find a video.

As most of our guests are staying only a few days in our wonderful town we strongly recommend to pre-book the activities with us. The availability of a few activities are sometimes very limited. Most of the activities can be pre-booked together with an accommodation via our Real Time Online Reservation System! If not, just follow our instruction under each activity.

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